Meghan Moe Beitiks

Systems of Pain/Networks of Resilience (Installation One) (2016)

As part of the Studios Midwest Residency in Galesburg, Illinois, I created Systems of Pain/Networks of Resilience (Installation One) at Knox College’s Gallery The Box. 

The piece featured documentation from SOP/NOR (Nebraska) on display in digital frames, as well as quotes from interviews for the piece in picture frames. The ashes of the broken/reassembled table from (Nebraska) were present, in a spilled jar, and the hardware from that table was used to secure the various cables in the installation. Various other props and artifacts from the (Nebraska) performance were also included.

The Box shares its space with  Johnson Wallcovering Company, which features a “Masculine Wallpaper” section. Among the log cabin and sailboat patterns was a “Pine Trail” Wallpaper of no particular visual stereotype or gendered connotation. I include this wallpaper in the installation as a way of questioning the gender assignment of this particular depiction of nature.

Systems of Pain/Networks of Resilience is an exploration of observation as a tool for recovery from imbalance and trauma in human and non-human processes. I interview people with personal and professional experience with processes of recovery, then draw upon those interviews to create performance scores, videos and installations.



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