Meghan Moe Beitiks

I.D. Performative Collective (2021)

I participated in a series of international conversations with the I.D. Performative Collective. An original statement from the group: “We want to invite you to participate in what we’ve named ‘Improbable Talks’ because they are somehow random, with unknown yet likely enough, really interesting matches from a variety of origins, occupations and views on life.The dynamics of the talks are as simple as they may: there will be a main topic that can be freely developed by both participants. Nur and Mónica will just be moderators and in charge of the good functioning of the talk, as well as translations. The topic will deal with our core focuses on IDENTITY (AS BUILT WITH OTHERS), CREATION AND RESISTANCE. And it can be developed from the perspectives each participant thought was the leading one to answer to ‘migrations’ survey; anyhow there are no limitations, we want these to be open and reflective.”

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