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Everyone who sat with The Plant, Day Two / Comment Book Part One

The second day of “The Plant is Present” was a bit slower, and the plant spent some time alone. But more than 50 people still found time to sit and have a moment with The Plant. Again, here’s a link to a flickr album of everyone who sat on the second day. There were several people, 6 or 7 at my count, that chose to talk to the plant. At least two people over the course of two days had sat with both The Plant and Marina Abramovic, of “The Artist is Present” fame. One sitter described the prolific  documentation as part of the intensity of sitting with Marina. The other, I’m fairly certain, is responsible for this comment in the plant’s book: “Marina was exactly as interesting.” No one cried sitting in front of the plant, but plenty looked intrigued, bored, amused and joyful. So does a plant have the same presence as an artist?  Read on for sitter’s first-hand accounts of the experience. Continues after the jump, for a long time.

“I have never sat with a dressed plant before. It was very nice. I had a good time.”

“The lights were distracting, the plant beautiful”

“She is SEXY and REAL”

“The plant was present. The weather intensifies the energy received from the plant.”

“It was very tranquil. It seemed like I was sitting with a woman. It was very peaceful and serene.”

“The swaying of the leaves felt like the plant was nodding to the conversation we had in my mind.”

“I found it deeply relaxing & meditative to stare into the face of the plant. It was a very peaceful, non-combative exchange.”

“I enjoyed it very much, it was very nice and peaceful. Thank you.”

“It’s nice to sit with something that listens in peace.”

“It was soothing, silent but full of ideas, thoughts & urges me to meditate. Beautiful experience.”

“She seems inquisitive and proud. She is asking me to compliment her contribution.”

“It was very beautiful, but I tried not to think about that so much. Mostly it made me feel small. ”

“Once I got over the self-consciousness of, well, sitting with a plant (in a black dress, no less) I really enjoyed my time. When I got up and said ‘Goodbye,’ I knew I’d be back.”

“The history of portraiture. The scientist.”

“The plant swayed in the wind. So I swayed, too. ”

“We were totally having a conversation about how everyone needs to stop commenting about how unique our hairs look. Fascists!”

“This experience was thought provoking. It was the best 30 sec. chill sesh I’ve ever had. I heart potted plants!”

“So Good! (Heart) Every minute-second- of it!”

“The plant is both really expressive and really calm. It was amazing to spend time with such an amazing artist.”

“I want to lick your plant.”

“My friend falled in love with a girl. Cold as a plant.”

“I wonder why I feel I could stare at this plant forever. Maybe. The wind blows my hair and her; or its or she’s leaves. It made me feel like I was like the plant. Still. Blowing. Giving. — Autumn”

“This is boring :)”

“My best friend would always tell me the main reason she feels happy of our friendship is that I am ‘the most plant person’ she’s ever met. Now I can feel why she tells me that.”

“The Mr. Plant and I. I was wondering what would be a good conversation to have with an accomplished plant. I: I have been sad lately. Not really sleeping. Plant: Just relax and let go. Life is not worth it. Look at me, very accomplished. Lived in different homes & made different lives, better but still unrecognized. I: you are totally right. I have been thinking of our role as an artist. Plant: thinking is always a problem! I: see you later. HIRA.”

“Plants don’t make me cry but women do.”

“The plant + I are no longer on speaking terms”

“I felt like I was being watched intensely, observed. She had a nice dress. I thought the whole experience was managed more for documentation than spiritual experience. Feel used. ”

“Not as tall as I expected.”

“This is what I normally do with plants, but with less light and without a dress.”

“The plant and I exchanged look, photosynthesis and thought.”

“For some reason I just really wanted the plant to tip over. Not sure why.”

“She was coming on to me, but I’m a faithful guy so I had to take leave.”

“LOL, You make me smile inside!”

“I felt warm and safe sitting w/this plant, but also a bit uncomfortable. She seemed so lonely and I had nothing to comfort her with. NRK.”

“I liked sitting with the plant. I grow plants in my home + green house and I felt at home with the plant. Peaceful and without concerns.”

“Fresh Greeth, earthy floor. The sound could be better. Plants live and so do we. But we feel aggression and they don’t.”

“That made my night. at first I was like Uhhh . . . . but then I sat with it and really enjoyed it. It was pretty deep. and adorable and made me super happy I wanna hang out with the plant again 🙂 awesome setting too. It basically kicked ass –> and I wanted to tell the plant all my deep dark secrets.”

“Strange, creepy, unnerving but somehow I felt sympathy for the plant. It looks like it is suffering from the harsh lights + cold temp.”

“This time, I found the plant more welcoming + conversational — of course, that may have been me, too. Plant is really growing on me. I’m looking forward to another visit.”

“I appreciate a good listener and wish my camera had a plant to hold it up I gave intimacy, I was just talked down by a plant– to sigh a big exhale of stress is to give life to you.”

“My experience was really surreal . . . it allowed me to gather my thoughts for a brief moment . . .  I said a prayer for my great aunt who should be out of the hospital soon. I love her + wish I could be with her. Holy shit, pardon the french, it’s raining right now, how beautiful.”

“I felt a connection to the plant and was able to live in the moment.”

“I liked your dress.”

“Surprising movement. Curiosity. Then there was a sense of life, light, motherhood.”

“She says she wants to go to the sea, I mean across the sea to meet her husband.”

“I tried to imitate her polite pose. And I can smell her leaves. It made me feel comfortable and relax. Nature. I can see that she needs friends. She seemed to me that she is very lonely.”

“It was interesting. I felt not like the viewer, but as I was being viewed. She had a definite lean and a posture that indicated a view over my left shoulder. It felt as if I were on ‘Behind the Actors’ Studio” or some such interview show.”

“Plants are very good listeners. It was raining, and I didn’t mind getting wet but I was given an umbrella. THought maybe the plant wanted cover. I didn’t offer though. Plants like water right? Is that kingdomist?”

“I felt uneasy and then at ease.The rain created a strange intimate moment between myself and this living breathing being that I often times forget is living and breathing. I’m walking away with a calm.”

“I felt quiet. I felt free. I felt cold rain. I felt happy.”

“Rain, When No Rain, Then Rain, Now Rain, Lights, No Lights, Lights Again. Now, Plants maybe happily in their conditions as an example to me and maybe others like me.”

“Marina was exactly as interesting.”

“It’s like it was looking into my truth.”

“But you are not my mother.”

“I felt present with the plant.”

“This plant was a good listener.”

“I like plants.”

“I had fun! The shadows in the leaves plus the outline of the umbrella I was holding inspired me to play games w/the plant. Turned into a 4 year old for a while.”

“Thank you to the artist and the plant! I love you both. Ricardo.”

“This makes me happy. Cara Kicks.”

“Thanks. This plant heals wounds and people’s aches used during wars in South America. Radniel Padron.”

“How vulnerable we both were and how strong we are, only glimpsed as the distance grows into reflexive comfort, can be read in the mystery of our twin beginnings.”

“She is the mother in law I never had– good to finally meet her!”

“Awkward, wonderful, concerned for the tropical– maybe that is why she is so awkward– out of her climate?”

“As personality made me giggle, I wanted to hold its hands”

“I couldn’t figure out what language it spoke. I should have tried Spanish.”

“The plant was female. Also, I’m sure it was judging me 🙁 ”

“Dead, sheltered, person-life”

“‘what’s up plant’ . . .  kinda chilly”

“I felt kind of silly sitting down in front of the plant that is wearing a dress, and odd because I kept wondering what I looked like to other people. But I also couldn’t help but notice the lovely color of the plant, and the dramatic shadows that the light cast. Maybe I would have sat longer, if it weren’t cold.”

“Will my photo be on a blog called ‘The Plant Made Me Cry’? I think this is wonderful!”

“Such lovely company, thank you!”







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  1. Janina says:

    I love this. So fun to see people’s expressions and read their comments. People look so unselfconscious. Where’s the close shot of the plant’s face equivalent?

    I wonder if the person who left this remark ever questions if or how s/he “uses” others for his experience! 😛 The remark: “I felt like I was being watched intensely, observed. She had a nice dress. I thought the whole experience was managed more for documentation than spiritual experience. Feel used.”

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