Meghan Moe Beitiks

CSPA Q22: The Unknown and Uncertain (2018)

As the Lead Editor of the Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts Quarterly, I invited guest editors to curate issues around specific themes within arts and sustainability, oversee issue development, and manage issue launch. I also got to curate some issues myself. This is an issue I edited.

Sustainability is often discussed in terms of maintenance, or awareness– engagements with the known. Q22: THE UNKNOWN & UNCERTAIN asks a series of artists for their work and reflections on the vast expanse beyond the known– from questions of nothingness, to existential crises, to attempts to anticipate the unexpected. How are creative practices sustained in the face of uncertain funding futures, or vast cultural shifts? How do the arts aid sustainability when change is vast, immediate, and unknown? How can we be certain that what we sustain will be useful?

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