Meghan Moe Beitiks
student work

Workshop for Artistic Research and Practice (2019-)

A contemporary foundations program at the University of Florida. For recent examples of student work, please see the course instagram.

FALL 2021

co-instructor Adrian Gonzalez


co-instructor Jesse Ring

FALL 2020

co-instructor Morgan Yacoe


co-instructor Annemarie Furlong

FALL 2019

co-instructors Bethany Taylor and David Bogus

Interactive Studio (2017-18)

An upper-division undergraduate course at Grand Valley State University, exploring interactive technologies and paradigms. Students learn basic electricity, processing, arduino, max/msp, and consider human/apparatus interactions. More information and student work examples on the course website.

Time Studio (2016-19)

Student work examples from Time Studio, an upper-division undergraduate course focusing on video, sound, performance and conceptual explorations of Time at Grand Valley State University. Students learn video and sound editing as well as performance practices. For more information, check out the course website.

Making and Meaning (2016-19)

Student work examples from Making and Meaning, a Contemporary Art Foundations course at Grand Valley State University, required of Art & Design majors, and open to non-majors. Explore more examples on the course website.

Introduction to Performance (2015)

Student work from “Introduction to Performance” at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 2015.