Meghan Moe Beitiks

Blind Spots (2022)

I collaborated with legally blind artist Joel Foster on a piece called Blind Spots, an interactive cutout adaptation of his paintings and process for a pandemic meditation on light and visibility.

For Performance Research, vol. 26 issue 4 On Un(Knowns). Publication date: 24 January 2022

Issue editors: Hetty Blades, Scott de Lahunta & Lucia Piquero

This issue of Performance Research explores the idea of knowledge in relation to performing arts practices. Its concern, however, is not to simply revisit academic debates about practical knowledge but to offer new contexts and insights. From academic truth claims to claims of ownership, from epistemic objects to multiple epistemologies the topic of knowledge is everywhere. This issue aims to build on the foundations laid by previous work in the field, first by attending to the knowledge generated within the performing arts — specifically the types of knowledge involved in creation, training, production, performance and spectatorship — and second by inviting further critical interrogation of what the recognition of this knowledge achieves in the frame of evolving cultural and political contexts. The issue also calls into question the use of the term in itself, interrogating methods, analysis and languaging in order to offer various conceptualizations of knowledge and the (un)known.

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